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Ergonomic squeegee made with Dura-Flex® rubber with plastic tips on the edges. It has a 18" long aluminum channel for easy and precise use.
It saves up to 25% of time by reducing the need of removing water from the edges of the windows since the squeegee removes it all.


This is a unique diamond abrasive floor preparation system for concrete floor polishing, coating removal and hardwood prep.

The Diamabrush system is comprised of four different tools, each designed to be used on standard low pressure commercial cleaning machines including single discs, walk behind auto scrubbers and ride-on auto scrubber.

Cepillos circulares con fibra abrasiva de Nylon

New abrasive brush manufactured with 1 3/4” (4.18") long nylon bristles co-extruded with silicon carbide. A research determined that one abrasive brush outlast abrasive discs 200 to 1.

Cepillos circulares por CEPILLOS EL CASTOR

Manufactured with NEW foam block, made out of recycled materials. The perfectly balanced block reduces the vibrations on the machine (increasing its lifespan) and the physical effort made by the user. The liquids-flow system allows saving time and makes the distribution of water or chemical products more effective when scrubbing or polishing floors.Can be adapted to Nilfisk Advance ® machines (L-800 clutch plate) or Tennant ® machines (G400-X clutch plate). Clutch plates are sold separately.


New looped end wet mop manufactured with rayon/polyester/cotton blend yarn and a 5” headband; for its use with clamp-style grippers. It also has a tail band to prevent contamination from the detachment of yarn.
It is available in 4 different colors and 3 different sizes: small (16 oz.), medium (20 oz.) and large (24 oz.)

Bolsas para basura de colores

High-density polyethylene trash can liners manufactured with star-type seal that prevents the garbage from leaking.

These liners have capacity for 40 gallons and have measures of 40” x 48” and 12 microns.
This product is available in 5 different colors for its use in color coding programs.


Reinforced 16" x 16" microfiber cloth, composed by 80% polyester and 20% polyamide.

These cloths can be used and washed hundreds of times without suffering any damage; the price-benefit ratio is much superior to other cloth

Cepillo suace con defensa de Nylon

Manufactured with 2 ½” long soft nylon bristles and a 9” foam block with a ¾” threaded handle hole and a bumper to protect any surface from a possible damage.
It is recommended for washing delicate surfaces due to the softness of the bristles.
The configuration of the bristles allows fluid retention and low moisture absorption.


As part of our dedication to high standards in hygiene, quality and good manufacturing practices (on both national and international levels) we offer a complete line of HACCP-compliant color-coded cleaning products.


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