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For the maintenance and daily upkeep of your floors we have the best WET AND DRY MOPS (dust mops) and DUST MOP FRAMES in the country, manufactured with automated machinery. We have a wide range of long-lasting and superior-quality products for professional use, as well as options at a very accessible price.

1.Metal frames:
In addition to our traditional metal frames, we also have interchangeable metal frames (patented by our company) designed to minimize user effort and lower operating costs by allowing you to separately replace, when necessary, the handle or frame.
Like all our products these frames are designed to be used with any handle in our line of products, and with colored handles they are easily integrated into the HACCP COLOR-CODING program. The galvanized finish of the wire rod and reinforced metallic tube (in the case of traditional frames) provides effective protection from corrosion and makes them the most durable in the country.

2. Dust mops:
For the best metal frames, we have the best dust mop heads. They are available in three different types, all made with an 85% cotton-15% polyester blend yarn making it more durable because of its resistance to abrasion. They also consume less mop oil because of its longer threads on the perimeter and shorter ones in the center, which results in lower costs and emissions of environmental pollutants.
We have been exporting these products for over ten years to locations across the globe. They are even found in the most competitive of markets like the United States. Undoubtedly, they are the best in Mexico and the most economical on an international level. Even products manufactured in Asia have not been able to meet our levels of quality and price.

3. Wet mops:
a) Traditional wet mops are made in two sizes: the 500 and 750 models, and have the option of being used with a thin or thick handle for increased comfort and durability.
b) Interchangeable socket mops with HACCP color-coding: In contrast to traditional wet mops, interchangeable mops are a good option for lowering operating costs since they allow you to reuse the handle and replace only the mop head. All of our mops can be incorporated into a HACCP COLOR-CODING program and can be used with any Brushtech handle (except for the interchangeable mop head for use with quick-release handles).

As an integral part of any HACCP program we suggest the interchangeable TWISTER mop with a polyester-cotton blend yarn, the interchangeable HEALTHCARE mop with rayon-yarn that is chemically treated with TRICLOSAN (to prevent the spread of bacteria during its entire useful life), and the most recent addition to your line of mops, ECOSTRIPS, a mop manufactured with recycled and biodegradable materials. For those accustomed to using quick-release handles for cleaning floors, we also have the KENTUCKY STYLE MOP HEADS manufactured with thermo-sealed polyester mesh and 90% cotton fibers for high absorption with a blend 10% polyester, making it more resistant to abrasion.


    Threaded conector

    With a corrosion resistant coating

    Dust mop refill

    Dust mop refill

    Dust mop refill

    400 gm KENTUCKY style mop heads

  • MODEL 500
    400 g THIN handle yatch mop

  • MODEL 750
    600 g THIN handle yatch mop

  • MODEL 500
    600 g THICK handle yatch mop

    High absorbency socket mops

    Traditional cotton socket mops

    Antibacterial HYGIENE socket mops

    Highly absorbent socket mops


As part of our dedication to high standards in hygiene, quality and good manufacturing practices (on both national and international levels) we offer a complete line of HACCP-compliant color-coded cleaning products.



PRO-COLOR dust mop
Manufactured with durable polyester canvas guaranteeing a long life, low absorption and no shrinkage problems.


UPRIGHT dust pan
New reinforced plastic dustpan with dual-use system (can be used as a flip-up lobby dustpan or fixed hand-held dustpan with handle).


ENDURE tube brushes
Tube brush for attaching to 80 cm flexible rod and polypropylene handle appropriate for use in cleaning tubing in bottling factories, dairies, etc.


A complete line of brushes for buffing machines with new polypropylene base and a durable aluminum fitting.

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