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Founded over 35 years ago, Cepillos el Castor is a pioneer in Mexico in industrial brush manufacturing.

We are currently the leading company in Mexico in the market, with a large presence on a global level as well. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our dedication to developing cutting edge products and services, innovative technologies and sustainable growth strategies.

Our success is based on the ability to combine the technology we develop with our human capital in working towards our ultimate goal of satisfying the needs of our customers by providing solutions that allow them to complete their cleaning tasks easily, safely and efficiently.

We use cutting edge technology on our production lines thanks to a sustained investment in machinery. Part of our commitment to being the indisputable leader in the market is a constant reduction in our costs and manufacturing times, and increases in the quality and diversity of our product line.



We are the first company in Mexico, and one of the few in the world, that focuses on meeting needs of maximum hygiene for industries and facilities where maintaining the health and safety of their products is of the utmost importance through our line of HACCP-compliant color-coded products.

We also offer a growing line of industrial and professional cleaning products developed with three objectives in mind: high quality, competitive prices and continual research and innovation.

1.            Pharmaceutical laboratories
2.            Food processing plants
3.            Hospitals
4.            Restaurants
5.            Cleaning companies
6.            Industrial facilities
7.            Hotels
8.            Convenience stores
9.            Etcetera



As part of our dedication to high standards in hygiene, quality and good manufacturing practices (on both national and international levels) we offer a complete line of HACCP-compliant color-coded cleaning products.



PRO-COLOR dust mop
Manufactured with durable polyester canvas guaranteeing a long life, low absorption and no shrinkage problems.


UPRIGHT dust pan
New reinforced plastic dustpan with dual-use system (can be used as a flip-up lobby dustpan or fixed hand-held dustpan with handle).


ENDURE tube brushes
Tube brush for attaching to 80 cm flexible rod and polypropylene handle appropriate for use in cleaning tubing in bottling factories, dairies, etc.


A complete line of brushes for buffing machines with new polypropylene base and a durable aluminum fitting.

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