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STRUCTURAL FOAM BLOCK brushes are recommended when a high degree of hygiene is required or for use in situations where they are in constant contact with moisture.

Our brushes can be used with any Brushtech handle, and when used with our colored handles, are easily incorporated into a HACCP COLOR-CODING program.


  • SERIES 12
    Palmyra fiber

  • SERIES 13
    Soft tampico fiber

  • SERIES 15
    PET fibers

  • SERIES 18
    Soft PVC fibers

  • Cepillo piso fibra polipropileno mixto

    SERIE 11 MIX
    Mixed Polypropylene fiber

  • SERIE 11
    Stiff Polypropylene fiber

  • SERIES 18
    Soft PVC fibers

  • MODEL 1110-M
    Multi-surface brushes with Polypropylene fiber

  • MODEL 1110-B
    Bi-Level brushes with Polypropylene fibe


As part of our dedication to high standards in hygiene, quality and good manufacturing practices (on both national and international levels) we offer a complete line of HACCP-compliant color-coded cleaning products.



PRO-COLOR dust mop
Manufactured with durable polyester canvas guaranteeing a long life, low absorption and no shrinkage problems.


UPRIGHT dust pan
New reinforced plastic dustpan with dual-use system (can be used as a flip-up lobby dustpan or fixed hand-held dustpan with handle).


ENDURE tube brushes
Tube brush for attaching to 80 cm flexible rod and polypropylene handle appropriate for use in cleaning tubing in bottling factories, dairies, etc.


A complete line of brushes for buffing machines with new polypropylene base and a durable aluminum fitting.

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